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ARION Coin, at it’s heart, is a strong community-based coin. We created ARION together and are motivated by the drive and vision of the ARION project. Our aim is to help those communities where hyperinflation has left them with a highly devalued local currency. South America is a prime example at present. Our main focus is targeting new and emerging markets where ARION can play a key role in integrating Cryptocurrency into everyday life.
ARION Masternodes are based on the DASH code and offer scalable, stable, reliable and secure transactions. The code is Open-source, peer 2 peer, decentralised and has functionality included like *Instantsend, Privatesend and *Dark Gravity Wave technology.
Explorer 1 : http://arion.mn.zone
Explorer 2 : https://arion.ccore.online
Github : https://github.com/arioncoin/arioncoin
wallet : https://github.com/arioncoin/arioncoin/releases
twitter : https://twitter.com/ARION_COIN

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Comments: 22

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